Thresher - Evolved for Great Speed | Hungry Shark Evolution

Thresher - Evolved for Great Speed | Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark World - Gameplay, Walkthrough, Unlocking All Sharks and Items Apk - The sharks are: Blacktip Reef Shark - The starter shark of the game, similar to the Reef Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. Is the only XS-sized shark. Whitetip Reef Shark - The shark after the Blacktip, is slightly bigger and colored differently. Is an S-sized shark. Porbeagle - The Porbeagle is very similar to the Great White. It comes after the Whitetip Reef Shark, and it has a attitude change. Is an S-sized shark. Blue Shark - A rather sleek shark. Pretty thin, but pretty quick too. Is an S-sized shark. Spike (Stethacanthus) - A purple coloured shark which stuns the water life around it with its sharp spikes, if they get near. It is the Special Shark of the 'small' rank. Sand Shark - A oddly shaped shark. Has a powerful bite, and strong too. Is an M-sized shark. Thresher Shark - The thresher shark is pretty quick. It has a large tail too. The pupils are so close to the front that sometimes the player finds it hard to see them. Is an M-sized shark. Smooth Hammerhead - The smooth hammerhead has pretty average stats, with a classic look. Is an M-sized Shark. Heidi (Wobbegong) - A yellow wobbegong shark that turns invisible to predators and prey when near solid surfaces to allow stealthy attacks or to escape dangerous predators. It is the Special Shark of the 'Medium' rank. Bull Shark - The 1st Large shark. Another classic looking shark. Has a powerful bite, and is pretty short. Is a L-sized shark. Goblin Shark - The second large shark. Has good stamina and health. Has a long snout just like the real one. Is a L-sized shark. Mako Shark - A quick, freaky, shark. Compared to its Evolution incarnation, it is unlocked much later on in the game. Is an L-sized shark. Echo (Ichthyosaur) - An albino Ophthalmosaurus with purple eyes that can warn you about incoming hazards like mines, enemy sharks, or others. It is the Special Shark of the 'Large' rank. Megamouth Shark - A big shark. Large, and powerful. Is the first XL shark. Has the largest mouth of the XL. Great Hammerhead - Another classic. Larger than the Smooth Hammerhead, and more powerful. Is an XL shark. Tiger Shark - A strong shark. It is quick, powerful, and has a fine boost, but has lower health then most if not all XL sharks. Is an XL shark. Drago (Pliosaur) - A long necked predator with 3 special abilities, it can bend its neck to eat edibles, it moves quickly on land and it can live as long as out of the water as in it. It is the Special Shark of the 'Extra-Large' rank. Basking Shark - The first XXL, is one of the 3 filter feeders in the game. Strong and powerful, with a large mouth. Whale shark - The second XXL shark. It actually looks like a whale and is very powerful as well. Very large. Great White Shark- A powerful shark. Appearing in every game, it is one of the most popular sharks, and one of the most powerful sharks. Is the last XXL shark. Megalodon- The largest shark ever. Has a mega diet. Appears in the background of the loading screen. Powerful, Mega-sized, Deadly. It is the first !! shark to be unlocked. Cost: 250.000 coins or 1.500 gems Big Momma (Dunkleosteus)- Related with the Big Daddy. Has the ability to not be stunned by projectiles. It is the second !! shark and the toughest of them all. Cost: Killer Whale- The first orca-based "shark". Has two special abilites, it can leap into the air to perform tricks and can live as long as out of water as in it. Atomic shark- Has special abilities like restoring health from eating junk, regenerating health from toxic barrels and has legs that let it maneuver on land very well and it can eat red jellyfish. Cost: 540.000 coins or 1.500 gems Zombie Shark- Undead Megalodon that can turn enemy sharks into bloodcurdling zombies. Cost: 600,000 coins or 1,500 gems Buzz (Helicoprion)- Has a buzzsaw on it's lower jaw that allows it to slice bigger enemies faster and destroy submarines and helicopter much faster. Cost: 650.000 coins or 1.500 gems Mr. Snappy- Large quick shark that can speed around and eat everything. Cost: 700,000 coins or 1,500 gems. Robo Shark- Can shoot mines automatically after eating them which is shown by the red dost on his sides. Cost: 750,000 coins or 1.500 gems There are baby sharks and creatures, including a baby Megalodon, a baby Great White, a baby smooth Hammerhead, a baby Mako, a baby Porbeagle and a baby Killer Whale Hungry Shark Evolution (Android , iOS) All Sharks Gameplay Review , Walkthrough Playlist - The Incredibles: When Danger Calls [PS2] Cartoon Game Walkthrough -


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